Field Reports Launches

26th March 2010  

The Columbia Journal of Environmental Law is pleased to announce the first article for its online-only publication, Field Reports.  In “Connecticut v. AEP Decision,” Nancy Milburn provides a detailed overview of a recent climate change litigation decision and how it relates to similar cases in the 5th and 9th Circuits.  In his essay “Connecticut v. AEP:  A Long History of Nuisance Law,” Peter Lehner provides an insightful analysis of the same decision from the perspective of one of the participating attorneys.  This decision represents one front in a rapidly evolving climate litigation field.  Together these articles provide a useful first look at this case.


At a time of extraordinary legal and policy changes in environmental law, Field Reports will continue to publish timely legal scholarship and analysis and will highlight writing, analysis, and events from the environmental law and Columbia Law School community.  In doing so, the Journal of Environmental Law is seeking to reach a broader audience of policy makers, legal practitioners, academics, and students, as well as anyone who is interested in developments in environmental law.  Field Reports welcomes submissions including general commentary and essays on environmental issues; topical updates on recent cases, legislation, rules, and international agreement; and book reviews.


Please send any questions, comments, or submissions to the Field Reports Editor at