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The Columbia Journal of Environmental Law was founded in 1972 with a grant from the Ford Foundation. The Journal is one of the oldest environmental law journals in the nation and is widely regarded as one of the preeminent environmental journals in the country. Our subscribers include law libraries, law firms, and federal, local, and state courts, as well as a significant international readership.

Columbia Journal of Environmental Law produces two high quality legal publications annually.  The rigorous publication process is managed by Columbia Law School students who are responsible for reviewing and editing articles, communicating with authors, managing subscriptions and ultimately finalizing the materials for publication.  In addition to featuring the scholarship of leading environmental lawyers and academics, CJEL encourages student writing and publishes student works through its annual 2L note program. Published pieces cover a range of topics from civil rights to the Securities and Exchange Commission, all concerning some aspect of environmental law and policy.



Field Reports Archive


Hot Air Rises Through the Courts

- Rees Alexander and Elizabeth Ewing


& Other Current Events

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A variety of production techniques, including hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”),...


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