Publishable Notes

Publishable Notes Program

Each year, the Journal accepts Note Submissions from 2L and 3L Columbia Law School J.D. candidates, which are then reviewed and considered for publication in the Journal. Our note publication program is voluntary and based entirely on student interest. This ensures that all staffers who commit to writing a note receive substantial guidance and encouragement throughout the editorial process.

2L students interested in publishing a Note in the Journal can participate in the Journal's Note Competition. The deadline for submitting a Note to the Journal's Note Competition varies but occurs sometime in February.

3L students interested in publishing a Note in the Journal can submit their piece to the Journal as soon as possible during the school year and be in comunication with the Notes Editor regarding their submission plans. Submission does not guarantee publication, however, the Journal has discretion to vary from their traditional number of Note publications (typically two to three pieces per volume).

The Publishable Notes Manual is available upon request. It contains research and writing advice as well as submission procedures and deadlines.

Any further questions can be directed to the Journal's Notes Editor.


Field Reports Archive


Hot Air Rises Through the Courts

- Rees Alexander and Elizabeth Ewing


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