Field Reports

Field Reports Submissions Guidelines

Field Reports publishes original and timely scholarship in an accessible format.  Submissions for Field Reports should provide commentary or analysis on developments in the field of environmental law.  Types of submissions that will be considered include:

  • General commentary and essays on environmental issues;
  • Companion pieces to articles in the print edition of the Journal;
  • Follow-up pieces to past articles;
  • Topical updates on recent cases, legislation, rules, and international agreements; and
  • Book reviews.

Field Reports welcomes submissions from professors, practitioners, judges, legislators, and law students, as well as relevant work by experts from other fields.  Pieces will be reviewed and published on a rolling basis.  Because Field Reports aims to remain accessible and readable for a wider audience, we will not accept pieces longer than 3,000 words including footnotes.  Submissions should be written in a conversational tone; should limit citations to one citation for each quotation, attribution, and non-obvious fact; and should not include extensive text in the footnotes.  Submission should conform to the 19th Edition of the Bluebook, and be sent in Microsoft Word format.

Published content will be available through commercial databases and will be permanently available online in pdf format, organized by volume number and paginated consecutively.  Field Reports pieces should be cited according to the following format: Author, Title, [Volume] COLUM. J. ENVTL. L.  FIELD REP. [Page] ([Year]), [URL].

For more information or to submit a piece, please contact the Senior Field Reports Editor at